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Franz: We had a discussion not long ago about this case, although I can't quite remember who won the cat fight. The guys over at Virtual Hideout gave it a run through; lets see who was right. I think it looks cool, but then I haven't been to a LAN in years.
"The Thermaltake LANBOX is a sleek, lightweight option for the way we haul computer systems to and from LAN's. The overall weight with installed hardware was less than 25lbs, which is light compared to some cases that weigh that much without anything installed. The small size doesn't mean small c..."
Posted by: Franz on 1/31/07 @ 08:17:08PM

Franz: Here's a look a HTPC case from someone I've never heard of, but hey it's all gravy. Sporting an all aluminum case and a bag of goodies including a multi-function remote, a wireless keyboard, and a 7" TFT LCD Screen front and center, it sure brings a lot to the table. If you are looking for a HTPC case with those kind of coolies, check it out.
"This review will be taking a look at a company that most people have not heard of before, Moneual. These guys make a range of computer hardware, most of it aimed at home theater builders, and also sell full systems. The case we will be looking at, the MonCaso 932B, is their flagship HTPC enclosure a..."
Posted by: Franz on 1/31/07 @ 07:51:47PM

Windows Vista - To Switch or Not To Switch

Since we are staring down the throat of the new MS Windows Vista release, why not see what our friends are saying about it.

Windows Vista Review - bit-tech.net

Windows Vista Primer - Viper Lair

Windows Vista - Trusted Reviews

What is Windows Vista? (Pt 1) - OCModShop

What is Windows Vista? (Pt 2) - OCModShop

I have my opinion on the subject but I think I'm just getting set in my ways. Gonna get it? Hate it? Could care less? Let's hear it.

Posted by: Franz on 1/31/07 @ 06:59:06PM

News from the Virtual Lair

Seems Dice is keeping the guys over at VH pretty busy!

ECS PN2-SLI2+ NVIDIA 680i SLI Motherboard Review
Swiftech Apogee GT Water Block Review
Sapphire Ultimate X1650PRO 256MB Graphics Card Review

Wonder if they still have that "No Girls Alowed" sign on the door to the Hideout?

Posted by: Geno on 1/29/07 @ 10:35:34AM

Next Stop: Trusted Reviews

Let's see whats cooking over at Trusted...smells like lobster

Nokia’s Internet Tablet Need Not Be a Lobster
LG GBW-H10N Blu-ray Drive
Digital Photography Tutorial: RAW Usage
Fujifilm FinePix F31fd

Those Tablet PC's would make an awesome remote for my HTPC if they were just not so $$$

Posted by: Geno on 1/29/07 @ 10:19:58AM

Latest from XYZ Computing

With all the news staff on Vacation (How's Austrailia Slacker?) I am going to do a few bulk posts to try and get caught up, Starting with XYZ Computing =)

Toshiba Tecra M6 Notebook Review
Core 2 Duo Mini-ITX Box
Samsung K5 MP3 Player Review
PC Power and Cooling Turbo-Cool 1KW Review


Posted by: Geno on 1/29/07 @ 10:08:48AM

Geno: With Vista and Aero Glass being greeted with a rather large yawn by most, even more people will be looking towards the Linux OS.  Phoronix has a look at a distro of Linux I have not heard of before, Kurumin.
"Kurumin Linux is a distribution we had never heard of prior to today's encounter. The latest Kurumin release, Light 7.0, is a mini LiveCD that is targeted for Brazilian users and is based on Debian/Knoppix. This mini LiveCD is sized at 182MB while featuring the full KDE desktop..."
Posted by: Geno on 1/27/07 @ 12:02:26PM

Geno: If your looking for a case that would work with a futuristic or military type mod, you may want to have a look at Antec's Nine Hundred Gamers case as it has a bit of that edgy stealth fighter look to it.
"The Nine Hundred is one of Antec’s cases designed specifically for the gamer. Containing a huge 200mm fan on top, and no less than five places to mount 120’s, at least it should run cool…"
Posted by: Geno on 1/27/07 @ 11:55:30AM

Geno: Gamepyre (is that Game and Vampire mixed..or burning?) Has a look at XFX's buget friendly 7600GT Fatality.  If your in the market for a budget video card and like FXF it might be worth a look.  You may also want to read our review of the XFX 7900GT here.  That Wendal is SO cute!
"The 7600GT Fatal1ty card has some good and some bad points. The good is that it is the fastest available 7600GT card on the market today with clockspeeds exceeding the other 7600GT cards by a good margin. The card is quiet, meaning that if you’re wanting a silent system, this card is the card for yo..."
Posted by: Geno on 1/27/07 @ 11:48:40AM

Geno: Though the general concensus in the hardware community at large is favoring Intel for this product cycle, there is still a loyal AMD following looking at AMD's Quad Core parts. Hardware Secrets has what you need =)

***Update*** I think you guys killed their server, (or they need some Intel CPU's =) so try a little later.
"In response to the release of the new quad-core CPUs by Intel, AMD launched its Quad FX platform. Contrary to what many people could think, Quad FX isn’t a new AMD quad-core processor, but a platform, as we will describe in this article. Check it out."
Posted by: Geno on 1/27/07 @ 11:39:05AM

Geno: For an even more indepth look at Intel's new 45nm process stop in over at Bit-Tech.
"Obviously, this has some potentially quite serious implications, because gate leakage tunnelling through the silicon dioxide increases exponentially when the dielectric gate walls get thinner and thinner. Excessive current leakage causes an increase in power dissipation and heat output – something t..."
Posted by: Geno on 1/27/07 @ 11:33:53AM

Geno: Intel is firmly in the drivers seat for the forseeable future with their C2D parts so of course they are spending a big chunk of those proffits on R&D.  Legit Reviews has a peek at Intel's move closer to a 45nm process.
"Intel has been able to nail down their high-k + metal gate transistor technology and the next generation dual-core and quad-core processors will have the new transistors. The first processor family to use this new technology will be Penryn, which is the next generation Intel Core 2 processor. Thanks..."
Posted by: Geno on 1/27/07 @ 11:28:35AM

Geno: Is your memory getting a little fuzzy?  Might be all that booze you drank in college...or it could just be running too hot.  Might be time for some after market memory cooling goodness.
"Thermalright is known as a very competent and successful manufacturer of after market cooling gear. Today, we take a look at their latest gem, the HR-07 Memory Module Cooler. This passive cooler is made to cool your ram beyond any stock heat sink or heat spreader. Have a look and see if it surpasses..."
Posted by: Geno on 1/27/07 @ 11:22:38AM

Geno: If your in the market for an excellent keyboard--lighted or otherwise--be sure to add the Saitek Eclipse II to your VERY short list.  You can also check out our review of it here.  You can also find links to several other Saitek keyboards and a few how to's on modding them by following that link.
"The main feature of this keyboard is the customizable illumination. Although it won't really help you when doing your daily work, it does help when gaming in a dark environment such as at a LAN gaming event. The lighting does help surprisingly well in those situations and you won't be hunting for ..."
Posted by: Geno on 1/24/07 @ 09:25:17AM

Geno: Just a quick note for anyone looking for a modding contest to enter--Richard and the guys over at Extensive Mods are hosting a very nice little contest.  Even if your not ready to enter a contest, pop over for a look at the entrants.
"Hurry up and get those entries sent in as there is a bundle of prizes to be given out. Besides the top 3 winners they will also be prizes for different areas such as an honorable mention, best paint finish and so on. Also there will be a prize for 1 lucky voter/judge so make sure you join the forums..."
Posted by: Geno on 1/24/07 @ 09:13:36AM

DanielHale: When your hard drive keeps you up at night, it's time to silence it. No, I'm not talking about taking it out back and putting it down; rather, you should take a look at a new design from IBL. This could be your HTPC's perfect companion.
"“This week I took a look at the IBL Box HDD20. The design is simple yet it's very versatile in ways of installing in a case. There are three variations of HDD Boxes available resp; IBL Box HDD10 (for one harddisk), IBL Box HDD20 (for two harddisks) and IBL Box HDD30 (for three harddisks). Installin..."
Posted by: DanielHale on 1/24/07 @ 01:21:28AM

DanielHale: So you've had your turkey, grandma gave your another knitted sweater and everybody else gave you gift cards.  The next big question on your mind, what are the best games to pick up during the first quarter of the new year?  Scott Steinberg has ten titles you won't want to miss.
"Happy New Year, gaming enthusiasts! As a special treat, I come bearing good news for fellow interactive entertainment fans suddenly feeling a strange bulge in their jeans: It’s not entirely because of all the hot cocoa and fruitcake we’ve spent the last 8-12 weeks stuffing our sunlight-deprived fa..."
Posted by: DanielHale on 1/24/07 @ 01:18:01AM

DanielHale: With the invention of the remote, televisions have become even more a hassle than getting up to turn the channel. These remotes always get lost in the couch, carried into other rooms or just wind up missing. The solution, Logitech's newest all-in-one remote, so now you can lose just one remote at a time.
"Simple and easy to understand commands make programming the unit a breeze. For those users who require more complex commands, you have the ability to adjust even the smallest factors such as delay time between macro commands. Logitech has an extensive database that should cover most any brand and ..."
Posted by: DanielHale on 1/24/07 @ 01:12:47AM

DanielHale: We all want more drive space, especially on the go. The normal, bulky external hard drives just won't cut it when you travel. Let's not mention the wiring mess caused by the extra power plugs.
"CMS Products’ latest backup and restore product is an external ultra-portable (it’ll just about slip into a shirt pocket) 2.5-inch hard disk drive (130x75x30mm, 198g). Available with a storage capacity from 40 to 160GB, it also comes with good backup and restore software, and is backed by a 3-year..."
Posted by: DanielHale on 1/24/07 @ 01:08:00AM

DanielHale: Let's face it, the lack of memory in your system is making your buddies laugh at your Battlefield 2142 skills. With Windows Vista's impending release, you should think about upgrading to 2GB to really show off those head shots in Counterstrike. Patriot's newest release might answer your World of Warcraft woes.
"Overclocking was decent, impressive that they could stretch beyond 800MHz @ 4-4-4-12 but none the less, very little gained by doing so. Patriot once again brings a solid competitor to the market space, giving the consumer a nice alternative to the well known brands that also looks good while doing..."
Posted by: DanielHale on 1/24/07 @ 01:04:29AM

Geno: While we are looking at motherboards let's look at a less budget oriented board that showcases ATI's RD600 chipset for a little CrossFire goodness.  I should start a Poll. "What is fruitier--the LANParty name/logo or those multi colored boards?"
"DFI's LANParty UT ICFX3200 T2R/G is mostly a motherboard for enthusiasts that want to get serious about overclocking. It's for those of you that took stuff apart as a child, then played with those bits for longer than they had when the toy / remote / Dad's new phone was in one piece."
Posted by: Geno on 1/21/07 @ 08:11:06AM

Geno: Doc Overclock has a look at Biostars latest budget SLI board.  Worth a look if you need a new system but your wallet is still recovering from holiday spending.
"At a price of $77 bucks online, the Biostar TForce 550 board is targeted towards the mainstream segment of the market and is a good buy for those wanting an inexpensive non-SLI motherboard. The performance isn't as good as the bigger brother nForce 590 SLI, but it's not meant to be. Considering th..."
Posted by: Geno on 1/21/07 @ 08:00:57AM

Geno: A must read if your at all interested in over clocking quad core systems, or quad cores in general.
"Legit Reviews recently looked at the top AMD QuadFX platform running FX-74 processors and was left wondering what a pair of FX-70 processors could do for less money. We got in the 'budget' QuadFX processors and did what any end user would do once they got them - overclock them to the max. We turne..."
Posted by: Geno on 1/21/07 @ 07:52:38AM

Geno: Not an all-together unattractive little slim system from HP.  Companies and designers seem to keep trying different shapes for PC's and shrinking them more and more every day--not that this layout is entirely new of course.
"Today we have the dc7700p from HP in our labs and, aside from being a small business desktop, it has one very interesting feature we’ve not had a look at before. It’s called Intel vPro Technology and it’s something that could revolutionize the IT support industry."
Posted by: Geno on 1/21/07 @ 07:30:48AM

"The NotePal S from Cooler Master is an adjustable aluminum kick-stand for your laptop. It features an attractive perforation at the back, for fresh air to enter your laptop from below cooling it’s CPU, HDD and other heat generating components. Consequently, the laptop stand elev..."
Posted by: Geno on 1/21/07 @ 07:16:20AM

Geno: If your building an HTPC or wanting to upgrade to a dual tuner card, VH has a review posted of the Hauppauge WinTV PVR 500 MCE.  You can also read our review of this tuner card here.
"With all that being said, I would feel confident in anyone using the WinTV-PVR-500 MCE who wants to build a HTPC system, or for the user who may have a dual monitor setup and wants to have live TV on the second monitor. The ease of setup and use through MCE also makes getting the WinTV-PVR-500 MCE a..."
Posted by: Geno on 1/21/07 @ 07:11:23AM

Geno: Trusted has a review up for those of you looking for a Blu-Ray player.  Personally I have chozen not to spend any money with Sony as I just dislike their business practices.  That includes Blu-Ray and PS3...Screw us over once...
"First, its solid build quality makes it look and feel like a more ‘high-end’ piece of kit, but it lacks the Samsung’s aesthetic pizzazz. Pull down the reflective front panel (which sadly isn’t motorised) and it reveals a stark, minimal fascia with only the key playback buttons to keep your fingers h..."
Posted by: Geno on 1/19/07 @ 08:10:11PM

Geno: MVKTech has a new version of NiBiTor (v3.2) for those of you who like popping the hood on your nVidia cards and tweaking for a little extra Go-Fast MoJo.
"NiBiTor is the original and defenitive BIOS tweaker that supports the latest NVIDIA graphics cards. NiBiTor allows graphics card enthusiasts to have full control over advanced features and functionality found on firmware of supporting cards. And this to gain some extra performance, enable certain hi..."
Posted by: Geno on 1/19/07 @ 07:55:20PM

Geno: Anyone looking for a new case in the $50-$60 range may want to see what the guys over at Modders-inc though about Thermaltake's Swing Case.  I had a look at it...not so sure I care for the look, but I am partial to Lian-Li's cases, like the A16 reviewed above.
"For anyone looking for an inexpensive case to mod/LAN with. The Thermatake Swing is a great buy. The Swing has several features that can be utilized for the look your wanting to go for. With the capabilities of holding four 5 1/4" optical drives and six 3 1/2" drives leaves plenty of room for expa..."
Posted by: Geno on 1/19/07 @ 07:47:37PM

CES 2007 Wrap Up Coverage
Posted by: Geno on 1/19/07 @ 07:39:04PM

Geno: If your into higher performance air cooling, the Thermalright HR-05 might be of interest.  HTPC users and anyone at all interested in killing noise might also be interested in the Noctua CPU cooler review publishing here at BoxGods tomorrow morning--after a month with it I can say I have a new favorite cooler.
"Even if you don't mess with your computer very much, you should still be worried about this installation. If your motherboard is vertically mounted, then gravity will surely pull on the heavy heatsink, creating torque, which will pull the pushpins out of their sockets. This very thing happened to m..."
Posted by: Geno on 1/19/07 @ 07:16:52PM

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