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Dec 30, 2006
The terms "classic" and "modern" are often tacked onto designs that are neither modern, nor classic (much like the overused "extreme"); however, true classics, modern or otherwise, are easy to spot. The distinction for me became clear several years back when I was looking through a book of modern home designs and w...

Dec 15, 2006
What do you get when you mix a master modder with an almost Chip Foose-like ability to transform something good into something mind blowing, a pair of CoolerMaster tower cases, various power tools, some high end PC parts, an understanding wife, and a remote control? Well, if you're Brian "Boddaker" Carter, you get an HTPC mod that w...

Nov 24, 2006
PC case modding contests fall into that murky class of competitions where there is no fastest, strongest, or last man standing to have his exhausted but triumphant hand thrust into the air declaring him the obvious victor. Such contests span many months, require a very diverse skill set, and ultimately are decided in the fashion of a hybrid Ice...

Franz: Some quick blurbs before I forget.  The box actually has been sorta boring, or I'm just getting more offers for erectile dysfunction remedies or credit offers.  Damn, must be getting old lol.
"The games industry - especially large studios - is often accused of "playing it safe" and sticking to tried and true concepts, leaving independent studios to try out new ideas and new ways of playing. With so many RTS and FPS clones being pumped out every year alongside yet another expansion for the..."
Posted by: Franz on 4/18/08 @ 07:09:59PM

"Vantec, a company known for different forms of external storage, is the next in line to release a pod. The NexStar Hard Drive Dock is an incredible looking device that will take any 2.5 or 3.5 internal drive and make it external. And all this is done without having to disassemble anything. All you h..."
Posted by: Franz on 4/18/08 @ 07:05:30PM

"AeroCool may not be the first name you think of when you are talking about power supplies but, AeroCool would like to change that and if this power supply is any reflection on their new line-up a large number of people will be talking about it."
Posted by: Franz on 4/18/08 @ 07:02:20PM

Franz: Though this might be interesting for those WC heads out there looking for their next CPU block.  Give it a read, the EX Supreme has a very interesting design worth looking at.
"Today we add two new blocks to our previous roundup, newcomer EK Supreme out of Slovenia and Koolance replacement to their CPU-330 the CPU-340."
Posted by: Franz on 4/17/08 @ 08:24:01AM

Franz: I know what I spent my refund on, and I wish it was some new PC parts.  But, hey we can't all have what we want.  Well, I sorta did, the wife got a new fridge and I got some pieace and quiet.
"Today is April 15th, 2008 and that means that it is the day taxes are due in the United States. While this is a time of stress for many Americans it shouldn't be as you might be one of the many that is expecting a substantial income tax refund this year. It turns out that over 70 percent of America..."
Posted by: Franz on 4/17/08 @ 08:12:01AM

Lets Move the Page Shall we?

Again life has taken me away from things, so I shall slap up a bunch of stuff to poke through. So without further adieu,


Gigabyte X48T-DQ6 X48 Motherboard @ APH Networks
ECS A780GM-A Motherboard Review @ Legit Reviews
ASUS Striker II NSE 790i SLI Motherboard Review @ ThinkComputers.org
bit-tech News: Early Look: Gigabyte P45-DS5 motherboard
ASUS M3N-HT Deluxe/Mempipe Motherboard @ Hardware Secrets


GIGABYTE ATI Radeon HD 3870 512MB Crossfire Review @ Virtual-Hideout
Everything You Need to Know About TV Technologies @ Hardware Secrets
PowerColor Radeon HD 3650 Xtreme Cooling Review @ MVKTech
The GeForce 9 series multi-GPU extravaganza @ TR-News
Midrange Graphics Card Round Up Review @ Driver Heaven


bit-tech News: AMD Phenom X4 9850, 9750 and 9550
AMD Opteron 2356 Dual Quad-Core @ Phoronix
Noctua NH-U12P CPU Cooler Review @ Virtual-Hideout
Kingwin RVT-12025 HDT CPU Cooler @ Benchmark Reviews


Saitek Cyborg Command Unit Review @ Techgage
Thermaltake BlacX Hard Drive Docking Station Review @ Techgage
Gaming Mice Mega Roundup @ TweakPC
Mod Your Mouse Contest at Modders-Inc
Alphacool LC-Display reviewed at BurnOutPC.com


BFG ES-800 Power Supply Review @ HardwareLogic
Seagate Momentus 5400.4 250GB 2.5 HDD @ Tweaktown
Enermax Liberty DXX 500W Power Supply Review @ Hardware Secrets
Thermaltake Toughpower QFan 650W Power Supply Review @ ThinkComputers.org
Hitachi Deskstar 500GB SATA/300 7200RPM 16MB HDD @ Viper Lair


bit-tech News: Condemned 2: Bloodshot
XIII Century - Death or Glory (PC) Review @ Gaming Heaven
Imperium Romanum Review (PC) @ Gaming Heaven
bit-tech News: Gran Turismo 5 Prologue
Sins of a Solar Empire - PC Review @ Gamepyre


bit-tech News: Lian Li to release ten cases before Computex
DDR3 1800MHz Round Up @ Pro-Clockers
Cyber Acoustics CA-5001 5.1 Speaker Kit @ Tweaktown
D-Link DGL-4500 Xtreme N Gaming Router Review @ Techgage
Super Talent Pico 8Gb Micro USB2.0 Flash Drive Review @ Tweaknews.net

Well that should catch up and keep some of you busy for about 5.7 seconds. Have fun. :-) 

Posted by: Franz on 4/15/08 @ 07:56:06AM

Franz: Ok, this one is just cool enough to post, and since most of you prolly have an xbox, you might actually get a kick out of it. The name alone is funny to make me snicker.
"Nick Haywood came early to CeBIT and was first to see Lian Li's hottest little product - a brand spanking new XBox 360 aftermarket chassis that promises an end to the dreaded RED RING OF DEATH!"
Posted by: Franz on 3/4/08 @ 07:45:52AM

Franz: I usually care not about other people's opinion's when it comes to technology and computers.  That's prolly why I am posting this article up, mainly because I agree with most of it.  It's time for many of us to realize what is going on, and how the industry sees us as a whole.
"The greater majority of us are enthusiasts for an entirely different reason: cost efficiency, value and a love for tinkering with a product to get the most out of it. We are the type of people that want to get the most out of the least we can get away with – this is where overclocking a £750 system ..."
Posted by: Franz on 3/4/08 @ 07:26:56AM

Franz: Nothing like free stuff to start the day.  Happy b-day Techgage!!
"We've just turned three, so to celebrate, we are holding a few contests throughout the month. Our first and primary contest can be entered by filling out a simple survey to aide us in improving the site. You have a chance to win a cutting-edge gaming PC (with nothing left out!), so go enter!"
Posted by: Franz on 3/4/08 @ 07:14:13AM

"AMD recently released two new ATI TV Wonder HD tuners, both of which have been in our lab for the past few months. In that time, we've put them through numerous tests to see what each one was made of. While the 600 PCI left a bit to be desired, the 650 Combo USB proves to do a lot of things right."
Posted by: Franz on 3/2/08 @ 02:32:44PM

"The Intel Core 2 Duo E8500 that we specifically looked at in this article did very well in the benchmarks and consistently beat the AMD Phenom 9600 Black Edition quad-core processor. This goes to show how well the Wolfdale core has been developed and also how bad of a position AMD is in when it come..."
Posted by: Franz on 3/2/08 @ 02:18:28PM

"In the world of computer cases, it seems that far too many do not stand out from the crowd. Cooler Master has decided to break tradition and create something special. With many features not seen before and full eATX compatibility, how well does the Cosmos S stand out?"
Posted by: Franz on 3/2/08 @ 02:15:34PM

"The Lian Li Armoursuit PC-P80 is, despite the garish Spiderman look of this particular review sample in my eyes, a rather attractive proposition as a case. The overall design is simple, functional and to-the-point on the basic, non-branded model and the addition of fans all over the case means that ..."
Posted by: Franz on 3/2/08 @ 02:07:53PM

"NVIDIA’s 3-way SLI indeed works but at the price of entry, it had better. The problem however is that in this instance it is based on technology that is approaching the end of its life. The 8800 GTX and Ultra have all but been replaced by the 8800 GTS 512MB and the 9000 series cards have already st..."
Posted by: Franz on 3/2/08 @ 02:02:50PM


Yeah, I'm a little behind but hey, who isn't these days. Gota stack of reviews for the 9600 GT vid card from nVidia so might as well throw them all together.

NVIDIA GeForce 9600GT 512MB G94 Tested @ TweekTown
VVIKOO (VVI-who?) launches GeForce 9600GT Turbo @ HEXUS.net
EVGA e-GeForce 9600 GT SSC Review @ NVNews.Net
EVGA, Palit and XFX GeForce 9600 GT Video Card Review @ Legit Reviews
ZOTAC GeForce 9600 GT AMP! Edition @ HEXUS.net
Nvidia's GeForce 9600 GT 512MB graphics card @ bit-tech News
nVidia GeForce 9600 GT @ TrustedReviews
NVIDIA GeForce 9600 GT @ Digit-Life
ASUS EN9600GT (NVIDIA GeForce 9600 GT) @ Hard Tecs 4U

Haven't had time to read any of them but I'm not really in the market for a new card. Figured there should be a few of you that need some quideance so read up.

Posted by: Franz on 2/23/08 @ 05:15:01PM

"Today I'm reviewing the Silverstone SST-KL03B-w. Will it make the grade? Silverstone is well-known for making quality enclosures, particularly for its high end cases, in both the full-tower and home theatre pc format. Given this pedigree, I expect this case will be no different."
Posted by: Franz on 2/23/08 @ 04:57:06PM

Franz: Saw this on steam a few days ago and about got it then.  Ive been looking for something to replace a few of my worn out favorites.
"I race furiously down the track, frantically trying to avoid grey blocks. As Led Zeppelin’s Kashmir swings into one of its faster parts I’m struggling to keep my lunch down. The bumps on the road may match the rhythm down to the last beat, but that doesn’t make my nausea any more enjoyable. As Pag..."
Posted by: Franz on 2/23/08 @ 04:45:47PM

Franz: I have messed with a few of these routers in their varous forms and so far I like what TRENnet is doing. Check 'em out.
"Where routers are concerned, TRENDnet may not be the first name to come to mind, but their popularity is quickly growing. On our test-bench is a perfect example as to why that's the case. If you are looking for a feature-rich N-based router for a reasonable price, the TEW-633GR is worth a look...."
Posted by: Franz on 2/23/08 @ 04:38:00PM

"I seem to be testing a lot of thermal pastes lately, so it will be nice when I have a roundup of the major performers (which after today should be most of them!) The NT-H1 paste from Noctua is a relatively new entry to the thermal paste market, so let’s take a look ..."
Posted by: Franz on 2/23/08 @ 04:34:14PM

Franz: Have some quick posts here for everyone, I'm gonna try to get back into the swing of things. Start off with a review about a vid card that has caused a bit of a stir on several sites, the dual-gpu 3870 X2.
"Does a multi-GPU setup with one card interest you? You may want to take a look at AMD's latest high-end offering, the HD 3870 X2. We are taking a look at ASUS' version of the card which features a fantastic bundle, including an HDMI adapter and Company of Heroes: Opposing Fronts."
Posted by: Franz on 2/18/08 @ 07:52:51PM

"On paper this screen looks like good value, but I'd be happy to loose one of the input options and the webcam in favour of a better image and some height adjustment."
Posted by: Franz on 2/18/08 @ 07:47:20PM

"Today TechwareLabs takes a look at the Tagan 900W power supply which includes some unique features we have not seen elsewhere. If you like lights and adding not only a powerful, reliable power supply to your case but also a components which will attract attention then the Tagan BZ900 may be just wha..."
Posted by: Franz on 2/18/08 @ 07:44:50PM

"With more and more enthusiasts relying on external hard drives to backup and transport their data with, it is no wonder that the market is simply inundated with these kinds of devices. iStarUSA's newest offering, the T-7MI removable internal hard drive rack, looks to do something different by attra..."
Posted by: Franz on 2/18/08 @ 07:41:54PM

"The case isn't just a gimmick, because it actually does have plenty of useable features. There is the potential for excellent cooling all around given the number of fans included and the fans that can be added. The open rear chassis almost appeared a bit odd since I'm so use to a closed chassis. H..."
Posted by: Franz on 2/18/08 @ 07:39:24PM

Franz: Now, I am not a fan of all acrylic cases, mainly because they show every bit of dirt and dust bunny that the house.  This one is no different, all be it a HTPC case.  That might suit someones fancy.
"Construction of the case from the kit required no large amounts of time, skill or patience. Easy and quick to put together and no surprises is just what I like to hear with any build kit. Lots of room for up to eight hard drives, the ability to take extended PSUs, VGA cards and oversized coolers c..."
Posted by: Franz on 2/17/08 @ 06:46:22PM

Franz: Looking at smaller CPU coolers for the case that I put a system in recently, since who really wants to run a stock cooler, just because it fits. This little gem just might fit the bill.
"We just finished a review on one of AeroCools newest SSF case and now we have the oppurtunity to review one of their new heatpipe CPU cooler. The AeroCool SilverWind combine 15 circular horizontal fins with a solid 104 fin aluminum heatsink block and a variable speed fan ..."
Posted by: Franz on 2/17/08 @ 06:43:11PM

Franz: How about something that we all could read if for nothing other than a quick look-see at what really performs better, some high dollar coolant or just some plan old H2O?
"But all of this was for one worthy goal – is there a fluid that reigns supreme?"
Posted by: Franz on 2/17/08 @ 05:16:34PM

Franz: While this review compares beginner's WC to top dollar Air Cooling, this WC kit from Swiftech seems to be a good place to start dabbling in the black arts of water cooling. It comes with all of what you should need to WC today's CPU's, and with only two major parts, it should be hard to mess things up.
"There is a fine line between effective watercooling and relying on people believing that it is by definition better than air. Chilling by water is much more involved than a simple HSF combo, which normally holds people back from taking the plunge. With several components (radiator, reservoir, water ..."
Posted by: Franz on 11/4/07 @ 07:40:46AM

Franz: OK, now these have GOT to be the coolest speakers I have seen in quite a while. I bet MR. EIC is prolly saying, "DAMN THOSE ARE SEXY!!!" Then again I have been wrong before. For the rest of us, they closest they come to actually looking like speakers is the sub that comes with them.
"Despite the seemingly high price tag, these speakers are actually great value for money for an amp, sub and speaker set up. They look wonderful, resplendent with their transparent spheres and horns, and the amp is well-designed too. But all that takes a back seat when you start to listen. They produ..."
Posted by: Franz on 11/4/07 @ 07:31:44AM

Franz: BIOSTAR? I must be outa my mind head posting a review about a BIOSTAR mobo.  Well yeah, but then I've read the review and I'm actually a bit surprised myself.  Take a look, if you are after that P35 but can't see spending GIGABYTE $'s for it
"We have been given the chance to review Biostar’s new T series board based around the P35 chipset supporting DDR3 memory. P35 has been the real show card for Intel and just about everyone has been jumping on the bandwagon; and who can blame them? DDR2 or DDR3 on the one chipset along with CrossFire ..."
Posted by: Franz on 11/4/07 @ 07:24:35AM

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